June 26, 2009 || 12 Comments

OMG. I haven't updated for like ages. Why? For the simple reason that we don't have DSL at home anymore. Too bad, right? And I'm too sluggish to go to a computer shop. Ugh! Don't even know why Mom did that.

Anyway, school's fun. I'm suppose to post my 'First day at UST' entry as soon as I got hold of an "Internetted" computer. But I forgot to bring my USB. What the heck. So, moving on, I've got lots of friends already. Boy buds, specifically. And not less than 5 girl friends. And same old me, still noisy in classroom. :)

That's all for now.
I'll update longer soon. And will reply to your tags soon. :D
Bye! Have a nice day!




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